About me

My name is Michele Winston…I live on the north side of Sydney Harbour with my ever supportive and much loved partner of 15 years. Between us we have four children, but none of them are living at home right now. The two that belong to me are the most frequent subjects of my scrappbooking pages. I became involved with papercrafting after I stopped working – quite a long while ago now – and haven’t looked back since. I love paper! I also love ink, stamps, flowers…in fact anything that makes a page look good. I am proud to be on the DT for my2angels, a fantastic place to shop for what I need most!


3 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hi Michele
    I was trying to find who had commented on my etching tutorial on my blog. It was “Michele Winston” but not you I think as it takes me to a 37yr old Michele from Frenche’s Forrest with 2 sons aged 10 and 7….would that be the other Michele Winston you told me about as I thought she was from the USA for some reason LOL. Hope Finn comes to a place close to you next year and if she doesn’t come to Darwin again I may be at your one LOL.
    Annette Husband in the NT

  2. Me again
    okies now I think it is you as I get taken to Ideal Papercrafts… your on the design team there I think as your layouts here are there too. Yes about time you started a blog, thanks for comment on mine and I see a Finn inspiration on your rocket science layout LOL.

    • Hi Annette 🙂 It is me…although it’s been a while since I was 37 and I have a boy and a girl not two boys LOL! The ”other” Michele Winston does live in Sydney, but not in Frenchs Forest – nearer to the beaches I think, and I also think the two boys are hers. Very confusing!
      It was me commenting on your blog too – I think you do some amazing stuff – love that you have it in a shop now too – go girl!!
      If Finn comes to Sydney I’ll be looking for you – although I haven’t heard anything yet. I may be back in Darwin 🙂
      Take care and hugs back :*

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