Introducing …

my2angels Sports Embellishments
Are you tired of  scrabbling around trying to find embellishments  to work with sporting photos?  Need something for that photo of your  child playing soccer, cricket, netball?
 Finding papers that match our Australian sports is  tough enough,  but even when you do, the colours are wrong for your team or there   never seems to be any embellishments that match.
my2angels is coming to your rescue  though – with the my2angels Sports  Embellishment Collection.
 With 8 sports and counting (we will add more as we can  source the  sports images and words) our new Sport Sets come with our own design   pins and cabochons. Sets are currently available for basketball, soccer,  baseball, hockey, rugby, netball, tennis and cricket and are packaged  as either  2 pins or cabochons or a mixed set of 1 pin and cabochon.
 We’ve made them in  black and white (mostly), so that you can ink,  paint or mist them to your  preferred team colours. So grab a set today  and start  scrapping.Here are a few of them
Cricket Pin and Cabochon

Gynmastic Pins

Soccer Pin and Cabochon

Hockey Pin Set

Basketball Pins

Rugby Pins

Our new embellishments can be found in the new section my2angels Sports Embellishments.
Get yours this month and you will also receive this  month’s free gift with your first purchase of the month – this gorgeous   bouquet of white lillies and accompanying bow. The colour of the bow will vary as stocks of each  type last.