I thought long and hard about my third layout – you know how it is…you’ve used your first and second choice of papers and you have a couple of bits and pieces left, and the inspiration is drying up a bit. SO I finally decided that I needed to stop thinking and just have some fun.  The scraps that I had left were not large enough to make large blocks of colour, but I had lots of thin strips and trimmings left. What resulted was “Chirp” – inspired by the arty, relaxed, mixed media style of Finnabair, shared so generously at her classes in Darwin, but turning out nothing like it at all in the end 🙂  This layout just grew and changed with whatever I decided to put on the page. This was also the quickest layout to complete – I really spent no time moving things around on the paper, just glueing and layering wherever I first put things down.
I will be putting a step-by-step for this layout into the Techniques and Tips thread of the IPC forum as soon as I get a spare minute. I hope some of you will give it a try. It’s strangely liberating, a bit addictive and always surprising to see what comes from just having fun with colour and texture. Even if you don’t like the end result and it’s not in your usual style you will be surprised at how good it feels. I’m pretty sure I heard Finn say something like: if you don’t like it, just keep adding more embellishments and colour until you do, and if you think you have added enough, you haven’t – add some more. Why not?
Thanks for stopping by 🙂